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I Would Love To Collaborate

Below are projects for which I am seeking collaborators. If you have the interest and skillset, please reach out! I am so excited to finish these works and I cannot do them alone. If you have ideas for projects you have conceptualized/begun, feel free to check out my                           to see how we might work together.

Who I Am Seeking


I am seeking an artist to animate a short film I have written. The screenplay is complete and I am open to editing it together to create something we will both find beautiful and worthwhile.


I am seeking violinists; cellists; vocalists (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass); a double bassist; a soprano, tenor, and baritone saxophone player; and a marimba player. If you play any of these instruments or belong to a group including these instruments, I would love for you to play one or more of my compositions.

Actors and Directors

I am seeking theater-makers to perform my plays as staged readings or as more extensive productions.


I am seeking dancers who are interested in performing along with a sound installation.

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