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A glimpse into some of my works.


I am currently working to get my book of poetry published. The book, The Body and Blood, interrogates embodiment as both lovely and disturbing in how it sews together sexuality and spirituality in powerful, political, frightening ways.  These poems tell a story of a holy, messy, aching body and its relationships with womanhood, eroticism, and God.

I am also working on completing a chapbook, Girlhood: A Mixtape, which will explore nostalgia, growing up,  femininity, and how music ties all of these together.

Speculative Works

The Archivist is a postmodern, epistolary, YA science fiction novel that I am writing.

Falling Skies is a speculative serial I am co-writing with John Cronley.

All Plays

Ravel | full length play

🚺 Bénédiction | full length play

The Other Bones | 45 minute play

The Wonderfullest Trick of All | 45 minute play

Woodsmoke and Magnolias (cowritten with William O'Neal II) | 45 minute play

Small Noises (cowritten with William O'Neal II) | 45 minute play

Playing Games | 10 minute play

The Muse | 15 minute play

Eulogies | 5 minute play

Tayah | screenplay for animated short film

Woodsmoke, Virginia

Many of my writings and compositions take place in the fictional Appalachian town of Woodsmoke, VA. For more information about this project, visit the instagram account @woodsmokeva. This account will have up-to-date information regarding the play Woodsmoke and Magnolias; the southern gothic anthology podcast Woodsmoke Whispers (a collaborative work in progress with producer Sawyer Gray); and the collection of music compositions entitled Arborum Corpus: Woodsmoke, Bracchia 1-6 (those terms are nonstandard and are defined in my scores and score collections, which I hope will one day be available for purchase).

Visual Art

I make upcycled jewelry and collage visual poetry, available for purchase at arts festivals. This artmaking is a practice of tending for the earth through reclamation of trash and scraps to create beautiful or fun art. 

Published Articles

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Joker: Strings and Swing  |  1917: The Sound of Silence  

The High Note Review  | Wake Up Review 

 The High Note: Talking the Talk  |  Capone: Score by El-P

Call Me By Your Name: Passion and Piano 

Endless: Beautifully Disappointing  | Pioneers of Queer Cinema Review  Why AI Can't Replace Us: Exploring Human Creativity

Additionally, I have published numerous articles in my role as senior writer/editor in development communications at Georgia Tech - these articles center on philanthropy, research, and higher education


This is a project in progress that I am creating with fellow playwright William O'Neal II. Haunted is a five-play cycle of one acts which share motifs, themes, and props, but not characters. Of these, the as yet completed one act plays are The Other Bones by Beverley, Do This In Remembrance by William, and The Wonderfullest Trick of All by Beverley.

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